1-Day Open Door Shelter – California

1-Day Open Door Shelter – California

The 1-Day Open Door Shelter is conducted by Horse Plus Humane Society, a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization, across the United States.  The event is conducted in communities to reduce the suffering and abandonment of horses by giving owners a safe place to surrender their horse.  There is no charge to surrender a horse.  Our team of local veterinarians will evaluate each horse for quality of life and adoptability.  Adoptable horses are placed with pre-screened 501(c)(3) adoption partners, locally or with one of our national partners.  Questions? Visit the FAQ, click here.

Our next event is scheduled for February 25th, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, at Amador County Fairgrounds, 18377 Empire St, Plymouth, CA – Follow the signs.
For information on surrendering your horse, click here.  The fairgrounds is just a 45 minute drive from Sacramento up Highway 16.

Get Involved

Click out the Faceboon Event Page – Click Here  

Surrender Your Horse – Click Here  – If you have a horse you are planning on surrendering at this event please follow the link and fill out the form: https://www.horseplushumanesociety.org/1dayshelter-surrender/. This will help us anticipate how many horses will be surrendered.

Become an Adoption Partner Click Here – We are looking for 501(c)3 horse welfare organizations to partner up to take adoptable horses. We pay Adoption Partners $150 per horse they can take into their program. All the horses will be vet checked and have a trainer’s evaluation done before becoming available to Adoption Partners.

Foster Homes Needed – Apply Today  Click Here – Due to the large number of horses that are often surrendered at these events, we are reaching out to find local foster homes in the area that can be utilized by local 501(c)3 organizations that are planning on taking horses from this event. Once your application is received, we pass your contact information on to the participating 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. We also let you know who we matched you up with, and give you their contact information so you can connect with each other and make arrangements if they need your help.  One of our Adoption Partners, Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue, can take more horses if they can get more foster homes in Santa Rosa County, Lake County and in the Sonoma area. They are looking for foster homes that could take 3 or more horses.  Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue said that they would pay foster homes for the feed, farrier, and vet expenses.

Volunteer for This Event – Click Here – Want to volunteer at the California 1-Day Open Door Shelter? The 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses is a rapid paced, emotionally involved event, and as such, volunteers must be respectful of owners surrendering their horses, be responsible to jobs and tasks given by Horse Plus Humane Society staff and management, and agree to abide by all rules and procedures set forth by Horse Plus Humane Society staff and management.  Due to the overwhelming interest in volunteering, we can only accept a limited number of volunteers at this event.  

Share the Flyers – Please share these flyers on social media. If you know of anyone who is having trouble caring for their horse or is unable to keep their horse, we encourage you to give them the flyer: PDF Flyer in English – Click Here | PDF Flyer in Spanish – Click Here You can let horse owners know they can surrender their horse at our event free of charge. We will have a translator at this event for horse owners who only speak Spanish.

You can help promote this event and help your local horse community.  Click to open downloadable, printable PDF flyer on the links below:

PDF Flyer in English – Click Here

PDF Flyer in Spanish – Click Here

Thank You For Your Support!

In on October 22 in Neillsville, Wisconson 49 horses were surrendered at one of these events, learn more – click here.