1-Day Open Door Shelter FAQ

What is the purpose of this clinic?

This clinic gives horse owners the option to surrender their horse without any cost or questions asked. We have three goals at our 1-Day Open Door Shelters.
     1: Providing a humane option for horses whose owners can no longer keep them.
    2: Helping adoptable horses find loving homes.
    3: Offering humane euthanasia to suffering horses when their owners cannot afford the high cost of euthanasia and disposal. Horse Plus Humane Society has conducted these events in many other areas of the country with much success.

What happens to the horses that are surrendered?

All surrendered horses will be evaluated for quality of life and adoptability and, if cleared, will be placed into an adoption program at an adoption partner. If, due to quality of life issues, a horse needs humane euthanasia, all euthanasia will be done by a licensed veterinarian. The 1-Day Open Door Shelter operates in accordance with the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) guidelines, and no euthanasia is taken lightly. The AAEP states that humane euthanasia of unwanted horses or those deemed unfit for adoption is an acceptable procedure.

Will I be charged for surrendering my horse?

No, the 1-Day Open Door Shelters are free. Horse Plus Humane Society (HPHS) has the funds to help these horses in need, the 1-Day Open Door Shelters are made possible by The Right Horse Initiative and funded by the WaterShed Animal Fund, a division of the Arnall Family Foundation.

Does it matter what condition my horse is in?

No, this clinic will accept all types of horses in any condition. However, if you are aware of existing health issues, please let us know as it will enable us to properly manage the animal and keep the other animals on site safe.

Would someone be able to come pick up my horse? 

Depending on your location, we may have a volunteer available that will pick up your horse at no cost to you.


Will my horse be rehomed?

All horses will be examined by a licensed veterinarian. A team of advisors, including the licensed veterinarian team and representatives of HPHS, will determine if the horse is a candidate for adoption. If so, one of the adoption partners involved will take the horse to find the horse a new home. Adoption partners receive funds to help with the intake cost of that horse into their program.
 If the horse is deemed unadoptable, the veterinarian along with the HPHS staff will decide if humane euthanasia in accordance with the AAEP guidelines is the kindest option. No euthanasia is taken lightly


If I drop my horse off, do I need to leave my contact information?

Yes, you must sign a form surrendering your horse, so at minimum you will need to print and sign your name transferring ownership to us.

Am I allowed to stay in touch with the new owner?

By bringing your horse in to the clinic and surrendering him, you are relinquishing all of your ownership rights of your horse to HPHS. If this horse is determined to be adoptable and placed with an adoption partner, they can pass your information along to the new owner if you wish and they can reach out to you if they should choose to do so.

Can I request that my horse is humanely euthanized?

Yes and we will respect your decision if you wish the horse to be humanely euthanized and we will not evaluate the horse to determine if the horse is a candidate for adoption.  However the veterinarian does have the authority to override the decision if the veterinarian determines humane euthanasia is not the right decision for the horse.

My question was not answered, now what?

Please email us your question to: 1dayshelter@horsehumane.org and we will do our best to answer it for you.