2 More Adopted

Today Spike and Ebony were adopted! They both will have a wonderful home and will live out their lives in peace and happiness.

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  1. THANK YOU NOR-CAL EQUINE RESCUE and their WONDERFUL Adoptor. I knew the moment I laid my eyes on “Ebony” that he decerved a second chance. I spent many long hours with this ol man and from the start I noticed in him “the Look of the Eagles”. The way he carried himself and his confident attatude told me this was “some Horse” I found this guy way out in the Desert. Miles from anywhere and anyone. Aparently his ‘owners’ desided that because age had crept up on him and unsoundness has reared its ugly head… they dumped him in the desert. All I have to say to his previous owners is… “Karma is a Bit*h”. Thank You Tawnee and Jason, you two always come through for me when I need you.JudyLCACS

  2. I am happy and blessed to be able to adopt Ebony. He is an incredible old man. He makes number 10 at our “senior sanctuary”. We have an animal communicator that we work with regularly ~ we aksed her to “check in on him” and see what he might like to be called. We only do this if an animal hasn’t had a name for a long time – he replied that he is fine being called Ebony, but he also likes “Big Cloud.” I find that an interesting coincidence, Eagles and Clouds… He is a special boy. I will be posting updated photos of him to my Flickr account, if you’re interested:http://www.flickr.com/photos/slavec_bartley/collections/72157600085342268/Thank you, Judy, for your role in bringing this lovely man into our lives.

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