Our Auction Day

Today NER Staff went to the Roseville Livestock Auction to save as many horses as we could. We have received emails and seen a post on the Alex Brown Racing Form about the Roseville Livestock Auction. Click here to read the ABR
As we drew near to the auction, we began to see the familiar scene of horse trailers with horses headed to the auction.
We got there about 10:00 am and we went out to the back where the horses are held before the auction. We picked out some horses that we wanted to rescue and went into the auction room. While quietly sitting near the top row of the auction room, NER staff Jason, Tawnee and Kimmy were shocked and surprised to suddenly be confronted by an obviously upset and distraught auctioneer. His loud tirade, which attracted the attention of the entire audience, consisted of threats, insults, foul language and demands to immediately leave the property. He said that the video that is on our website is slandering Roseville Livestock Auction. Click here to watch the video. Jason calmly and firmly asked if the auctioneer was the owner, and he denied being the owner but insisted he is “the boss.” Jason requested to be allowed to discuss the situation further with the owner of the property. After a lot of profanity, “The boss” took Jason and Tawnee to the office and left to find the real owner. An older guy, who we later learned was not the owner, came back with “the boss” and immediately, in a very angry tone yelled “We don’t need your kind here, get out now! OUT!” Tawnee asked to be able to retrieve our items that were left in the auction ring and was told, “No, out!” Politely insisting, Tawnee was finally allowed to retrieve our items. The older guy was yelling and screaming, and he grabbed a couple of the auction workers to help “escort” Jason from the property. At one point, the older man got right in Jason’s face, looked passed the 9 month old infant Jason was holding in his arms, and yelled “I’m going to punch you in the face and knock you out for a week. If you ever come back to this auction you won’t be leaving standing up.” While Tawnee and Kimmy where heading out to the truck “the boss” confronted Tawnee and threatened that he would make sure that we would be kicked out of any auctions that he works at if we try to attend.
After receiving approximately 5 minutes of verbal abuse from the staff and management of Roseville Livestock Auction, NER Staff was able to get into the truck and leave the property. What the Roseville Livestock Auction staff and management did not realize was that a person in the auction room was so appalled at the way we were treated that they slipped us their cell phone number and offered to help us in any way the person could. We called the person and asked if the person would bid on some horses for us. The person said “yes” and was able to successfully bid and save 3 horses. We transferred the horses and paid for them not a block from the Auction yard at 1401 Church Street, Roseville Ca.
We have attended this auction for years, and have purchased thousands of dollars worth of horses, and are very alarmed that the auction is taking an anti-rescue stance. They are more than willing to allow blatant horse abusers (not the auction workers, but people who repeatedly buy at the auction) to bid on horses, but attempt to prevent us from bidding. We have personally witnessed, among other things, grown men punching horses in the face repeatedly with a closed fist, repeatedly slamming a trailer door on a horses back legs while they are still on the ground, attempting to drag wild horses into 2 horse straight loads with lots of ropes, blood pouring from smashed noses, etc. Click Here to read one of our auction stories 6-11-06, this all happened at the Roseville Livestock Auction. We are concerned that Roseville Livestock Auction is unwilling to allow us, who treats our animals with care and respect, the ability to rescue horses from an unknown fate. During the time we were being yelled at, Jason asked if they could guarantee that no horses are sold for slaughter there, and the man who originally confronted us snarled: “I don’t have to guarantee you anything buddy.” In the passed we have purposefully not revealed what truly happens at Roseville, but due to their actions, we will be sharing all we know with law enforcement including pictures, videos, depositions, and will be contacting the media, and inviting the help of people like you. When the Roseville Livestock Auction management apologizes and invites us back, we will be happy to begin removing the more serious cases from our website and not indicting them of allowing animal abuse on their property…
Roseville Livestock Auction also in the passed has publicly humiliated NorCal Equine Rescue by attempting to order us, after they knew we were out of funds since we were gathering our things and heading to the office to pay, to bid up the price of horses we did not have the funds to save by saying: “Norcal, you say you are a rescue, save this one!” repeatedly through the auction microphone. Sadly we didn’t have the funds, we cannot save all the horses, and so in front of a large audience they attempted to make Norcal appear uncaring, when they knew we were out of funds.
The good news is, thanks to our large support base, they will never be able to keep Norcal Equine Rescue from saving horses unless they kick every buyer out of the auction. They may have the legal right to prevent Jason and Tawnee, the founders of NorCal Equine Rescue, from personally visiting their property (we are consulting our legal counsel) but they can never keep a rescue organization from attending unless they close the buying process to only people they know. Even then, we will still find a way…
Below are the three horses saved, thanks to someone willing to risk verbal and emotional abuse to do what they knew was right.

Little Ghazi is a 12 year old TB gelding that has won over $350,000.00 in his racing days. He is a very sweet guy and is sound. His racing days are over and that’s why he ended up that an auction.
Here are some links about his racing days; Click on link 1 and 2 for the stories.
This is Little Ghazi racing in 2002. He took third place in this race, his racing number was 2.
Chester is a 4 year old QH/Arab gelding, he is very sweet and
loves people. He is greenbroke to ride.

Chocolate is a 6 year old Appy gelding. He loves people and is trained to ride.

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  1. I don’t understand why the auction doesn’t want you bidding on horses for rescue. I read their home page and they assure the public they work with rescues and do not sell to meat buyers. I am trying to put together some support for rescue and am researching sources. I would appreciate your comments.PatriciaWoodside, CA

  2. The reason why the horse market has collapsed is because organizaitions like this one have pushed to close the horse slaughter plants. To everyone out there who has tried to sell their horses at a decent price but can’t, know this: your property rights are being taken away. Horses aren’t pets they are LIVESTOCK and PERSONAL PROPERTY. Idividual owners should have the right to dipose of their horses as they see fit. Given horses live well into their 20’s and given over 100,000 head used to be taken out of the system by slaughter, there will be millions of unwanted horses to be “saved”. Fact of the matter is most of them will be starved and abandoned. With all the people and environmental problems in this world we can’t afford to waste resources by warehousing all these horses and waiting for them to die of old age. Again they are livestock and consumed as food by many cultures. I am certain that some horses that I have sold over the last 40 years of raising horses have gone to slaughter. But it is neccessary and much better use of them.

    Protect your private property rights and bring back the horse market.

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