3 Adoptions ~ To The Vet ~ Education

Victory, Snowflake and Snow Crystal were adopted today! They were adopted by the same family who adopted Birdy and Artex, now they all get to live together.

Saber went to the vet today to have his feet checked out as he had been lame ever since we saved him from the feedlot. His hooves were in bad shape, we got his hooves trimmed but after 2 weeks he was still lame and we decided to have x-rays taken. The x-rays showed that he is severely foundered in both front hooves. They told us the kindest thing to do is to have him put to sleep. Please pray for us so we can make the right decision for Saber.

Butte College student’s came out to NER as well today. By the time they got to NER it was getting dark but that did not bother them. They interviewed Tawnee & Jason and spent some time with the horses. They will be making a PowerPoint presentation and will be presenting at the college to receive credits.

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  1. Hey Jason & Tawnee, Victory, Snowflake & Snowcrystal are doing fine. The ponies have been groomed and are learning what a halter is. Victory is now in the large pen, that includes the riding arena with the other 3 horses and doing well. She is learning to trust us, but it my take a little time. I’m scheduling the ferrier, John Gage, to come out on Saturday, to trim her hooves. Life is good!!!! The guys at work, have been giving me a hard time about the number of equine we have adopted. I have explained about the rescue and what the kids an I feel are calling is, they now think it’s pretty cool. Sean

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