Another Day

While Jason was unloading the hay, Deb (NER trainer & a forster caregiver) came down to get some foal blankets for Jacob, Hardy & Fabio. She was also planning on going for a ride with Tawnee, but Tawnee was sick. Then last night Tawnee was working on the website, updating it etc.. and she become too sick to work on and had to have Jason take over.

Deb worked with Battle Cry and took him for his first ride at NER in the round pen, he did great!

Later in the day Jason & Tawnee (still feeling sick) took hay out to the saved feedlot horses at our 10 acre pasture Gridley. They were all very happy to see us. We brought Baba back to NER as she was looking a little thin. We got pictures of all the horses and they are all doing great. It is so nice to have the poeple at the place to care for the horses and give us updates on them.

Tawnee had a fever of 102 by the time they got home.

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