Work Day With Volunteers

Today we got a lot of work done! We had 5 strong volunteers show up about 1:30 to help Jason, who had already been slaving away since the wee hours of the morning get some major fencing done. The girls did easier, although not as fun of tasks, such as cleaning stalls and moving manuer around while the guys pounded T-posts and strung field fencing. We got about 800′ of fencing mostly done, but we still have over 3000′ to check, build and repair. It will be great to have a 20 acre pasture bordering our main facility.

The funds were raised to save another 12 horses from slaughter at the feedlot, now we are working on raising the funds for “the big yellow bus” to take them to safety.

Tawnee showed 3 horses to prospective adopters, but no one was lucky enough to go home. One adopter was not a good match with the horse, and the others are very interested in getting a stable lined up.

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