More Fencing and Adoption Pending

Today Jason started developing rashes from Poison Oak. So, to exact revenge, he got his chainsaw out and chopped about 700′ of fence line through the brush. When a job has to be done, it has to be done. Deal with the consequences later. He fully expects to develop immunity to poison oak this summer as he did last summer.
The 3 little ponies, Snowdrift, Snowball and Snowstorm, are in adoption pending status now, a lot of people wish they were already trained to ride/drive or at least be friendly little Christmas presents, but the right person placed them in adoption pending status that is able to give them the loving training they need. Hardy, one of the Feedlot babies, was also placed in adoption pending today.

This is Snowstorm enjoing his stay at NER in the Mare Motel.

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