A Rough Day

Today was a very sad day, a first in our 4 years of rescuing. We took Sabre for his last trailer ride to the vet to be humanely euthanized. We have had horses pass away from old age and a stroke, but we have never had to trailer a horse to the vet to be put down. From his severe pain with every step, and the x-rays confirmed it, poor Sabre was doomed to a life filled with intense agony every minute of every day. We emailed the x-rays to our favorite bare foot trimmer, and she said “When the bone is gone, there is nothing that can be done.” We will miss you Sabre, but we are so glad you did not die by the hand of a butcher.

Jason and Tawnee drove to Quincy, 90 miles one way, to retrieve Scruffy who was being fostered to be adopted once his gelding was done. It wasn’t done, so we retrived him and will be having him gelded very soon. He learned to lead and we are told he was rode once or twice while he was gone. He will be up for adoption as soon as he recovers from being gelded.

This morning Jason continued working on the fenceline for a couple hours, battling the poison oak. It itches!

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