Happy Thanksgiving!

We, the staff of NER, wish to give you a special thanksgiving thanks for all the help, support and encouragement we have been given this year. Often we wondered where the next load of hay would come from, but we are thankful that we have been able to make the huge impact on the horse community that we have. A special thanks to Shirley for putting thousands of hours of work towards saving hundreds of horses from certain death in the slaughter house. Thanks to Rob and Dina of Animal Planet, Darlene and Mona (and the rest of the Ride Your Horse staff) for making our trip to LA and being on Animal Planet such a wonderful experience. Thanks
to Claire for the many hours of phone calls doing adoption applications and transporting. Many thanks to Deb for having the courage to hop on the new horses. Thanks to Kimmy, Annette and friends for keeping our stables clean. A Giant Thank You! to all of our donors, supporters and adopters.
Thank you President Bush for pardoning a couple turkeys this year. Please pardon all horses, and save them from slaughter, instead of just a couple turkeys. You can do it!

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