The gate is up!

Friday was a very busy day for us. Tawnee had to go into town and get supplies for the horses, stuff for the fencing and the gate. While Tawnee was in town Jason showed some horses to a potential adopter. Tawnee got back to the ranch at 12:15 pm and was not there for more then 5 minutes and the next potential adopter to see the horse she had put an adoption hold on, Battle Cry, was here to see if they were a good match. Battle Cry was not the best match for her, so Tawnee showed her 5 other horses and Tiger was the best for her. Tiger really felt comfortable with her and she just loved him. When Jason headed up to get the gate up Tawnee got back from town. He worked hard and had to dig through very rocky soil, but now the gate is up. It will keep horses that may escape from their pens from getting onto the main road.

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