Adoptions and more…

Today was as busy as normal. Tawnee worked on the computer, reformatting the “Saved” page on the feedlot horses web site and posting the new rescue of 12 slaughter bound horses.
Jason continues to work on the fence, someday it will get done. He pounded lots of posts into the ground and will be very happy when he can work on other projects.
Napa’s adopter came today to meet him and take him home. She fell in love with him, really they were a cute match, even their hair matched.
Tawnee showed horses to two other potential adopters, as a result Chocolate, Briggs and Mac are now in adoption pending. Chocolate and Briggs will be going to the same home, which will be really great as they have become friends and Briggs needs to be with a friend.
Claire got more adoption forms approved today and now one of the pre-approved adopters has put a hold on Yuma.
Another potential adopter put a hold on Snowman & Angus.
So 6 of our rescued babies were placed in adoption pending today, they will be leaving us soon and providing room for other rescued horses, so we can save more that are in need.

Claire and Ron have been fostering Brazy and they have come to the realization that they could not bear to let Brazy go and they have officially adopted her today as well.

Our protest sign up is going great so far, we have 42 people coming! It is wonderful to see so much support for the horses. If Roseville Livestock Auction gets away with kicking one rescue out, they will kick other rescues out if they think they can do it. If rescues cannot attend the auction then who will save the horses? We need you to sign up too! Our goal is ove 200 people, so please make it a reality for the horses!

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