The Feedlot Horses

The feedlot horses in our transistional pasture have all contracted strangels somehow. This is very sad news as we have had strangles sweep through our herd before, and while it is not a deadly disease, it is very nasty and contagious. Hopefully they all recover very quickly and can find the right homes!
The current feedlot rescue is going good, we have until the end of Sunday to raise the funds and save them, it’s going to take $6,500 to save them. We are currently at $1900. No one left behind!
Xella, one of the horses that we rescued from the feedlot, was adopted and transported to her new home today. Xella’s adopters will keep an eye on her and keep her in quarantine so she doesn’t infect anyone else, and they will provide whatever treatment is needed for her. We unfortunately arrived after dark, and so it was quie challenging getting her backed up close enough to her new home so she wouldn’t run away. You see, Xella hasn’t yet learned how to halter or lead, so we had to make a human fence so she would go from where we could park the trailer to her new home. Fortunately this was all inside a larger fenced yard, so there was no danger of her getting out on a major road.

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  1. Hi all,We are the new parents of Xella. She has been renamed Sahani Dikata, which means Blue eyes in Cherokee. Since My husband is Cherokee. I have already been able to put a halter on her. She needed a shot of penicillin for her strangles. Which she really wasn’t to keen on. But she did just fine. We are so glad we have her.

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