We had raised the funds to bring Nevada, Patriot’s Magic, Eva, Besie, along with Otto and Bugies from previous rescues to NER. Patriot’s Magic and Otto arrived with stangles and they all needed to be moved to the back of our ranch so that our other horses do not come in contact with the sick horses.
Tawnee had to treach Nevada how to lead in a short matter of time and Patriot’s Magic followed his mommy to one of our back pens. They all got settled in before night fall. It is good to have them safely here.
Nevada and Patriot’s Magic will be going to Pregnant Mare Rescue as soon as they are well.
Hardy’s adopter drove up to adopt him, another baby has found a loving home. It is so wonderful to be able to match previously condemned to death horses with such loving people.

Eva & Besie at NER

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