A Record Breaking Day!

Today broke all records, we had 7 adoptions today! Claire has been working hard on adoption applications and and has approved a lot of homes so we had adoptions lined up for today. Claire and Ron had been fostering Yuma and we found the perfect home for her, so they brought her back to NER for the her adoption. Then they took Dottie out for a fundraising tabling in front of Wal-Mart.
Yuma’s new mommy was the first adopter to come, she fell in love with her and was so excited about adopting her.

Next an adopter showed up to see Chester and another adopter to see Battle Cry. The one who came to see Battle Cry had seen him 2 days after he had come from the feedlot with his injured legs. She fell in love with him then and just had to see him again. Battle Cry really fell in love with her. He even let her ride him! Since he has come to NER, he has only let Deb and Tawnee ride him, anyone else who tried to put their foot in the stirrup he would move away from them as he didn’t trust them. Battle Cry loves his new owner, we will be transporting him to his new home soon.
The adopter that came to see Chester really liked him and really wanted to adopt him. She was not going to be ready for him until Christmas and would need to keep him at NER until then. We usually do not keep horses that long after the adoption, but Chester and the adopter seem like such a wounderful match that we agreed. She wanted to think about it so they headed out.

Next the adopters who had placed the adoption holds on Chocolate, Briggs and Mac came to take them home today. They were very happy to take their babies home.

Chester’s adopter came back and said that she has just could not leave without officially adopting him.

Deb and her husband took Jacob to his new home, with tears of sadness and joy knowing that this little guy only a few weeks ago was going to be slaughtered in Mexico and now has been adopted into a wounderful home. They said their byes and then started on their way to NER to pick up Sheena. Deb and her husband took Sheena to their facility for training. Hopefully she will be riding soon! They enjoy meeting the new feedlot horses.
Ron and Claire then came back from tabling at Walmart. Their hard days work brought in $70 to help feed the horses. They also brought Dottie back and took Baba to their ranch for fostering and to help train her with good ground manners.
The funds were completed in the evening to save the newest group from the feedlot. A big “Thank You!” to all the donators who made this latest rescue a reality.

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