Hay Day

We had to take the strangles feedlot horses out to the feedlot transition pasture with the other sick horses, but they didn’t want to be caught. It took us quite some time to get the paint and the baby caught and loaded up, but once they were Jason headed out. Since it is close to the hay growers, Jason also picked up some hay. We all worked hard catching up on emails and phone calls. Some volunteers came and helped clean out the mare motel and make sure the horses are all happy. Tawnee spent a lot of the day on the telephone answering questions and talking to people interested in adopting horses. By the time Jason got the horses to the pasture and unloaded the 50 bales of hay it was dark. We got grass hay this time it was a little cheaper. $450.00 instead of the $500.00 for alfalfa. The price of hay is hurting everyone, we are getting alot of calls “I can’t afford to feed my horse and you help?” Sadly we can’t take in or save all the horses, we must ride the fine line of not having too many horses. We are praying that the hay prices go down as a lot of horses are suffering for this.

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