Snowdrift Visits the Vet

Today we awoke to find Snowdrift gagging and barely able to breathe. We hooked the trailer up in record time and rushed her to Look Ahead Vet. The vet told us that she was choking on something, so we gave them the go ahead for the expensive, extensive surgery. The bill will be between $700 and $1000 to save Snowdrifts life, but she is worth every cent. Hopefully the funds can be raised to pay off the credit card before the interest starts accumulating… As of the publishing of this (4:00 pm) we have no further updates on Snowdrift from the vet, but they report that she is “Improving.”

We had to come home before the surgery as an Appeal-Democrat reporter was planning on visiting our ranch today and interviewing us, but unfortunately they were unable to make it.

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