The Fence is Up!

It was very stormy today and pouring rain, but Jason faithfully worked away on the fence. All his hard work has made a wonderful play land for the horses. Some of the horses have been turned out into the pasture and we got the camera to get the first happy pictures of the horses grazing contendately. They sat there and ate the sweet wet grass. As soon as the camera was safely out of the rain and no longer handy the horses discovered the new play land. They were so happy and galloped all over with joy.

NER’s office is in Jason and Tawnee’s home, and this can make office work hard sometimes. The office was in an open area and when the phone would ring often times the little buckaroo of the house would make sure that everyone heard that he was around. NER really appreciates Jason and Tawnee’s generosity of remodeling their house and providing an office, free of charge, to NER for as long as it needs it. Hopefully within a year or two we can build a seperate office more conveniently located to the parking area and the horse area.
The office construction started Nov 28th, and is finally finished today. Our computers are finally all up and running, so emails and other contact should be completed in a much more timely manner. It is so nice finally having a finished office!

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