An Adoption and 7 Saved!

Fabio got adopted this morning! Deb, one of our trainers, had fostered 3 babies to train them to lead and tie. They were Jacob, Hardy and Fabio. Now all the babies have been adopted and are gone to their new homes. This was Deb’s first time fostering with us and we know it was hard for her to let them go, but a Big Thank-You goes to her for all the hard work she did to get these poor babies a good foundation.

Fabio & his new mommy.

The money has been raised to save the 7 feedlot horse, now we just need to raise the tranporting, etc funds. Four will be coming to NER, 2 have an adopter lined up and the other 2 will be going up for adoption after they are quarantined & evaluated. The other 3 will be going to the Dudes Ranch Rescue in southen CA.
These are the 2 that will available for adoption soon.

Classy a young Chincoteague pony mare – 3-4 years old

Baloo a QH gelding in his early teens – He fell in the Killer Buyer’s trailer and hurt his eye.

We took Scruffy, Snowman and Angus to day vet today to get them gelded. Poor guys, I’m sure they will love us for that.
We also visited Snowdrift and she was looking like she might be feeling better.

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