Sitting at the Computers.

Today has been one of those long days and it’s not over yet.
Tawnee has been working on the website, posting new horses, getting pictures of them, making an e-news and fundraising for poor Snowdrift. So far we have raised $224.00 to help with her huge looming vet bills.
We had planned on picking up our gelded boys but the vet didn’t get them all done today, so we’ll get them tomorrow.
Jason has been working on bookwork and getting receipts ready for mailing, it’s all a lot of tedious work.
Claire visited with snowdrift today and she had been moved out to a nice stall in their barn. That must be a nice change for her, she still has her tracheotomy tube in place as she can’t breathe without it and is in intensive care. Let’s hope she can stay in her new stall, I’m sure that she likes being out of the padded room.

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