An Adoption and More Hay.

Sunday was a very cold, cloudy and long day.

Tawnee was up to greet the frost as Chester needed to have his hooves trimmed and we had missed our appointment with Sally our trimmer, so now it was up to Tawnee to do the job.
We got a call that Battle Cry had bucked his new adoptive owner off and she was bringing him back, which she did.

Chester’s family came to take him home. They had adopted him on December 2nd and were ready for him to come home.

Tiger was adopted today and he seemed very happy about that. His adopter had come up on November 23rd and she had fallen in love with him and he was very comfortable with her. It is really nice that Tiger has someone that he can truly fall in love with and can trust.

Jason headed out to get more hay. The rescued feedlot horses needed more hay and we needed some good alfalfa, some of our older horses need alfalfa and not just grass hay. Last time we got hay we just got grass hay as it was cheaper but this time we had to get the alfalfa. We got 72 bales and that = $720.00, so far this month we have spent $1170.00 on just hay. NER needs more hay sponsors! Let us know if you can help.

Jason took 14 bales to the pasture with rescued feedlot horses and unloaded it, then came back to the ranch. It was after dark when he made it back and rain was one its way! Of course it started raining about halfway through the unloading process, so Jason got soaked and cold and wet, but the hay is safe. By the time that was done he was ready to call it a day.

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