A Big Day

The weather has been cold and rainy around here and not much has happened since the last post.

Today we headed over to Nevada, tomorrow morning we will pick up the feedlot horses and bring them back to NER. We also had to deliver some horses that had been adopted and take them to their new homes.
First we loaded Saaba and Missy Mouse it was time for them to go to their new home. They were adopted awhile ago and today they are going home.
Battle Cry was also being adopted today by an adopter who has adopted from NER before and is the best with horses that have some trust issues.
Then we headed out to our pasture where the rescued feedlot horses are to pick up Zara and Otto as they were going to their new homes too.
Finally everyone was loaded up and ready to go and we were off.
On the way we stopped at the vet to see Snowdrift. She is doing well and looking like she is feeling better. She still has the tracheotomy tube in as seen in the picture below.

We drove slowly with everyone going up HWY 70 and finally made it to Quincy. We delivered Battle Cry to his forever home and they loved him. It was really nice to see Tank, Colty and Gracy. They are horse that had been adopted from us a few years ago.
We said our byes and headed out to deliver Faris about 15 miles away. On the way there we saw a horse in a field by the side of the road and his leg was caught in some wire. We stopped and Tawnee freed the horse. It sure made us feel good to help the horse out. We got Faris to his new family and they loved him too. It always feels so good to see a rescued horse get a loving home.
We were off and about 2 hours later we delivered Zara and Otto to their new home. Their adopter was the same one who adopted Napa. They are both sweet horses and it is wonderful to know that they will be well cared for and loved.

It was now dark and the sun had set, but we still had to deliver Saaba and Missy Mouse and we had about another hour and a half to go. We finally got there and we had to say bye to our special Saaba, it was hard to see her go, she had been with us for so long, but that is what rescuing is all about. When the horse is heathly again we adopt them to loving homes.

Now it was time to head over to where the feedlot is another hour and a half before we could finally stop driving.

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