Coming Home

We got up and headed out to pick up the feedlot horses and bring them to NER. Thusrday Shirley was told about 2 cute donkeys and an Appy mare at the feedlot and started raising money to save them too. So we brought 8 equines back to NER.

We got there and were loading the horses and we noticed that Baloo is totaly blind. How sad, he is a really sweet horse and it so sad that he is blind. He seems like he has been blind for some time as he gets around very well. We stopped at the vet and they said to keep an eye on him. After we had left the vet they did an endoscope on Snowdrift and found that she had an abscess in her throat and it had burst and drained. They removed the tracheotomy tube and she is breathing ok without it. She still must stay at the vet for a while as she has a hole in her neck were the tube was, when it is healed over she can come home!

When we get back to NER and let the horses out of the trailer, they were so happy to be out and away from the feedlot they ran alround with the joy of life.

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