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Ok everyone, heads up!
The Petfinder all-new series is premiering on Animal Planet February 9 at 9 pm e/p.
See our rescued horse Mya, in the most emotional mission on the Petfinder schedule.
Click Here to view the electronic press kit for the new Petfinder show.
Watch the series preview and see Mya!

Episode Description – The Carless Family
Fullerton, Calif. is home to single mom Julie Carless and her two daughters, 11-year-old Allysa and eight-year-old Star. Their situation is unique because they actually need a pet for health reasons.
Star has a rare disability called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which is causing her bones and joints to deteriorate. It’s painful for her to run and play like other little girls, and the disability has caused other complications such as slight autism, sensory integration disorder and ligament laxity. One of the best activities she can do to help her body is ride horses. Riding forces her to use all her muscles yet spares her fragile joints the stress of impact. The more Star rides, the healthier she becomes. If Star had her own horse, she could ride anytime. Star has been saving recyclable cans in hopes of redeeming them for a horse, but she needs about 120,000 more cans! PETFINDER will help Star get and care for the horse she so desperately needs.
Through the most emotional mission on the PETFINDER schedule, this girl learns and grows with each Teacher’s Pet. When the final animal is presented, Jarod and Dina make Star’s dreams come true.
We at NER rescued Mya from a feedlot, she was only days away from being killed at a slaughterhouse. We are so happy that Mya has Star for a forever loving friend.

In November Dina host of Animal Planet – Petfinder and her mother came out to visit us and they enjoyed meeting all the horses and hearing some of the stories of the horses. Dina had a lot of fun riding Peanut (one of Jason & Tawnee’s rescued horses) she is a Paso Fino and it was a treat for Dina to ride one of the smoothest horses in the world.

Check out Dina’s website at:

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