Newspaper Interview

The Appeal-Democrat came out and interviewed Jason and Tawnee Preisner, the founders of NER, and volunteers Teresa Russell, Annett and Kimmy Orozco.They plan on doing a story about our trip to LA with Mya for the Animal Planet – Petfinder show and about what NER does with the rescued horses. The interviewer Nancy enjoyed meeting a lot of the horses and fell in love with Dottie.NER Staff also worked on getting an online store up. Soon you can buy NER stuff and support NER at the same time!

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  1. Animal rescue had a special this morning on the rescue of horses. I know that this is an important subject here in Colorado, that’s where I live. We had two very cold and snowy winters in a row.There is a lot of concern for the deer and elk in the southern part of the state.It is nice to see a link like yoursCindy

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