The Website is Updated Again!

Today NER staff worked on getting our website updated.
The side Menu bar is now updated with links to our Feedlot website, this blog, and a link to our New online store!!!

We also worked on getting our staff page updated. Now you can learn about some of the people behind NER, staff, BOD, volunteers and more. Click Here to go to the NER Staff page.

We also have a new look for the available equine page. It is powered by and it cuts out a lot of time having to update our website, making pages for each of the horses and then updating Petfinder too. Now all we have to do is update Petfinder with the horses and it’s automatically updated on our website too. We love it!

Our new online store has many neat things for all you horse lovers out there, if the store does good there will be more and more things available. Right now we have apparel, gifts, hats, bags, stickers, buttons, magnets, and more!
Best of all it is not going to take time from the horses, as the items will be drop shipped. When you order some items, the company (Cafepress) will make the item and ship it to you and we will never have to handle the item. You will get it extremely quickly and the horses will benefit from your purchase! Now you can buy & help save lives! Click here to go to the NER Store.
Tawnee showed Brownie to a potential adopter today. With all the horses we have available right now we really need to get them adopted into homes. Let’s hope Brownie gets a home soon!

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