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We talked with Robin Acutt, one of the Petfinder producers; he wanted more info on Mya. We asked if he know when the Mya show is airing and he said that it should be on April 5th! It is not going to be the premiering show, but patience is a virtue. We have seen little clips of it here and there. Today we were logging into our Petfinder account and there was Mya! There’s a little video clip from the show on there right now, not sure how long it will be there, but it is there today – Click here to see it. We can also see her in the Petfinder preview, by click here. Today we a new current feedlot rescue!
There are 3 horses at a Nevada feedlot that will be slaughtered if we don’t do our part to help! The semi truck will be coming for them to take them to slaughter on Wednesday (2-6-08) if the funds are not raised to save them. Please Help Them! We Can’t Do This With Out You! More Hay…

Today was nice and sunny and we were able to use the flatbed to get more hay for the horses. We got 90 bales and it costs us $1,080 that’s $12.00 a bale! It will only last us 18 days! We really need more hay sponsors or we will be forced to rescue less horses. By the time we where back at our ranch it was after dark.

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