A trip to Pregnant Mare Rescue

Today we left our rescue at 8:00 AM and headed out for Pregnant Mare Rescue. In our trailer we had Naveda, Patriot’s Magic (mare & foal saved from the feedlot on 12-3-07) and Phoebe a pregnant mare saved from the feedlot on 1-18-08. Naveda and Patriot’s Magic came to NER in December, Patriot’s Magic was sick so he went into quarantine and with all the bad weather in January we finaly were able to move them down. PMR also took Phoebe into their rescue to help lighten the load on our rescue since we have so many horses.

It was great to see Rose (the sorrel) again, she was in our very first group of horses rescued from the feedlot back on 22nd of March, 2006. She was the every first pregnant mare that Lynn took in as a rescue and today they’re a great rescue called Pregnant Mare Rescue. A big thank goes to Lynn for adopting Rose, seeing the need, and making solutions for some lucky pregnant mares and foals out there!

This is a picture of Rose right after she arrived at our rescue from the feedlot on 22nd of March, 2006.

It was a long day in the truck we got back to our rescue about 9:00 PM.

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