Sunday the 10th

Today was a great day, we were able to get a lot done that has been delayed for some time. First of all, Saturday night we were able to watch the premeir Petfinder TV show on Animal Planet. It was great to see the first show and see a clip of Mya in the intro. Now one of our rescued horses has been seen on national TV. Keep your eyes peeled for the April 5th showing of Mya. And do watch all the other shows too, they all feature homeless animals finding their forever homes.

Sunday morning Jason was able to finally get the grooming stand installed. It is really nice to finally have a place to secure horses for trimming, grooming, vaccinations, bathing, shots, vet exams, etc. Thanks to the Claire Gianini fund for providing the financial resources to purchase this much needed improvement!

Deb our trainer was able came down about 11:00 to start evaluating horses again. She (and her husband) brought Sheena and Scruffy down as they had been fostering and working with them. Deb got a lot of horses evaluated and her updates should be on our website (powered by Petfinder) soon! Sheena and Scruffy were so happy to get into the 20 acre pasture they ran and ran all over it! For at least 2 hours they were running this way and that off and on. It is so good to see healthy horses really enjoying life and liberty.

We had a new volunteer come out Sunday afternoon and help out. Thanks Taylor! Hopefully we will see a lot more of you soon, you were a great help.

We had a potential adopter come out and look at horses, we don’t have the perfect match for them at this time but hopefully soon.

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