Monday and Tuesday

Monday the funds were raised to save and transport the 6 horses off the feedlot. It is wonderful that 6 more have been saved from a sure death of being slaughtered. Thanks to you, this has become a reality. The three TB’s are going to Shiloh in Las Vegas, Kixie and Coolie went to Personal Ponies LTD, Delanah has been placed in a foster home until she is strong enough to make the trip to a rescue. Jason wrote many emails Monday and actually caught up. Monday night our power was off so we were unable to update that the funds had been raisd. We apologize for any inconvenience that PG&E have caused you!

Today potential adopters came out and fell in love with Isabell and have placed an adoption hold on her. As soon as they are approved for adoption she’ll be on her way to a new loving home! She was rescued from the feedlot on 1-18-08. It is so rewarding seeing horses that are considered “unwanted” and doomed to death finding a new lease on life.

There is a new feedlot rescue started today, three horses are starting this rescue off possibly with more coming. We don’t know when they are planning on shipping them to slaughter yet so we don’t have a deadline. Let’s ruin their plans and save them, if you can help click here!

We’ve added our blog to our homepage on our website so our website content will always be updated with the latest news. This will make keeping everyone informed much easier and quicker for our staff so we can spend more time with the equines.

The Apeal-Democrat ran an article about us over the weekend. They mostly got their facts straight, but Baloo the blind horse needs a home, he is available for adoption. He is such the sweetheart too. We are so grateful that the newspaper was willing to help generate support and understanding among the general public about the plight of horses everywhere. To read the article click here.

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