Thursday and Friday

Thursday was a fairly uneventful day. Have a lot of adoption applications coming in so hopefully some of the 30+ equines we have available will be going to their new homes soon. Jason had to fix the radiator on the quad, it had a hole punched in it while working on the fencing and it’s finally fixed. The quad is an absolutely invaluable tool that is used 7 days a week feeding. 4 more horses were added to the current feedlot rescue effort, let’s hope the funds are raised very soon and they can go home!

Friday was a great day, phone calls were made, emails were written, a new item was added to our online store. When people buy things, it really does make a huge difference. We just got another check for $63 from Country Supply. All you have to do is enter our care code, savethehorse, when you’re checking out there and they donate a full 5% of the order. This clock is so cute isn’t it? Mo was rescued back in 2006, his mommy (with him tucked inside) was in our very first feedlot rescue. Hundreds of horses rescued from that horrible place later, he is still doing great! $13 you can have the classiest clock around and help out others like Mo.

Ben was adopted and transported to his new home today. He is going to be spoiled and loved and taken on lots of rides in the country. Thanks for giving him a great home ladies! Ben was saved the day of the Roseville Livestock Auction. If they had not let us back in, where would he be?

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