Sunday the 17th

Wow, today was a very very busy day! We had over 30 people out to see the horses and their were 6 adopted to approved adopters.
Deb came out to work with horses today. She worked with Snowball and finally was able to get a halter on her and was able to groom her. She also worked with many other horses and helped out with all the visitors.

Isabel’s adopters was approved to adopt last week and came to take her home today. They decided to adopt Snowball as well!

We had 3 new volunteers come out today. They were a great help with everything from cleaning stalls, fixing, cleaning up and painting NER outhouse, riding the horses, shoveling manure and were always ready to lend a helping hand anywhere needed. They hope to come out next Sunday too! We need more volunteers like them! They found out about NER from the article the Apeal-Democrat ran. A big thank you goes to Melainea, Larry and Diana for their hard work today!

Lloyed, a hollywood horse trainer, has recently founded a thearaputic riding school for troubled kids and he needed some great older kid friendly horses to introduce to the kids. Bugsy, Brownies, Veevee and Snowstorm were adopted today. Lloyed plans to come back tomorrow and pick up a horse he absolutely fell in love with: Jericho. Lloyed also does trick training so you may just see him at an NER events in the future showing off Slick, his trick horse. Slick is going to be featured in a movie soon. Lloyed was the horse trainer in Zoro and many more movies. It is so neat he is putting rescued horses and rescued kids together to help each other.
A lot more happened, but we are too tired to type another word. There’ll be more tomorrow…

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