Monday the 18th

Today we had 2 more adoptions! Now we only have 25 equines in our rescue that are needing homes. We still are more than full and need to find great forever homes for our rescued equines, so spread the word!
Scruffy got his new home today. He is really going back to his foster home forever. They had brought him back down to our rescue so it would be easier for him to be adopted, but when it sunk in that he was gone and was most likely going to be adopted soon they just had to take him back home forever.

Lloyed came back for his dream horse today. Lloyed is the perfect home for Jericho, as a hollywood horses trainer he will be able to work with Jericho with his bad behavior. With loving training Jericho will be a well behaved gentleman soon!
Lloyed was very happy to report that Bugsy, Brownies, Veevee and Snowstorm are doing great in their new ranch. They will be getting their makeovers very soon! Veevee is going to be meeting his theraputic partner tomorrow, and we hope to have a report very soon about their progress as a team.

Only $681 left to raise for the latest group of 7 feedlot horses! We are almost to the goal of raising $6180. That is the total price for these horse’s bail for life. With these horses almost to safety, it will make 35 equines saved this year by NER! Pray that there will be many more… We saved 234 equines last year. Let save more then that this year!

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