Tueday the 19th

Today we prepared for the next big rain storm that is coming. Hay had to be covered, tools put away, etc. We started a trial run for a retirement program today. We have placed 5 horses into this program: Christy, Timmy, Pilgrim, Bessie and Cooper. We have use of a 32 acre pasture where these horses would live out their healthly lives in happiness. We hauled three of them up there today. It is only about 15 minutes away from our main ranch. Thank you Eric and Jennifer! They will be the care givers for these retired horses. We are working on updating our website to add our retirement program. Horses that are in the retirement program will needs sponsors to help with their special medical and feed needs. This is a trial run, up to this point NER has not been a retirement center, but if the support is there, we will be able to bring in an extremely limited number of horses for retirement. We’ll see how it goes…

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