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The funds have been raised for the 7 horses! They are being transfered to Hooves of Hope, Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue and some are still pending transfer, but have been moved to safety at one of our foster homes.
With the last feedlot rescue safe, we are moving on to our next feedlot rescue. Yes that is right, there are 3 pregnant mares at the same feedlot that will be slaughtered if we don’t do our part to help! This feedlot sends the pregnant mares to Mexico as the Canadian slaughterhouse doesn’t want to deal with the “by product,” the babies… We must save them and their unborn babies. The total to save their lives and transport them to safety is only $2,515.00. We have until Friday the 29th to save them or…

The horses in the new retirement program are doing great and enjoying their new life there. We are hoping and praying that this new program will work. Today we got a call from Placer County Animal Control – Auburn CA. They have a horse there they have had since May of 07 and can’t find her a home so they asked us if we could take her. We told them about our new program and if we can find some sponsors for her we would be able to take her. She is a sweet mare that is 27 years old. Their vet says that she is in great shape for her age. If you would be interested in sponsoring for only $25.00 a month please let us now ASAP. We need at least 4 committed sponsors for us to be able to provide this mare with the wonderful retirement she deserves.

Happy Tails!
Pansy “Shelbe” was a young filly we rescued from the feedlot back in October of 07. She was adopted into a wonderful home and is doing great! You can go to their website and see pictures of her by clicking here.

You can watch her rescue along with 19 other horses rescued from the feedlot on Youtube by clicking here.

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