Sunday was a downright miserable rainy day so there was no volunteers out that day. Jason got bookwork done and Tawnee worked on the website. Maintaining a large non-profit requires so many hours of non-glamorous work, but it must be done!
Monday we spoke with Placer County Animal Control and we arranged for Sweetpea to come on Friday morning. We will place her for adoption for 1 month, and if she hasn’t found a home she will be moved permanently into the retirement program.
The donations started coming in today for the current feedlot rescue and now there is only $434 left to raise. This is so great!

The retirement / rehab program page is almost done and will online within the next couple days. We hope and pray that this program will work and be very successful. In the last 5 years of rescuing we have seen a huge need for a retirement program for horses but have been unable to fund such a huge endeavor. We are hoping that you will step forward and sponsor a retired horse in need!

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