Lots of Adoption Pendings and Safe Mares!

Today was a great day! 4 equines were placed into adoption pending. Eva should be going to a great home as soon as they are approved to adopt. They drove up yesterday, spent the night in Marysville and came out to meet her today and fell in love! It really looks like a perfect match. Snowman, Snowdrift and Angus were placed into adoption pending status today, they will be going to Personal Pony’s LTD in Nevada to be used for kids therapy. So far this year therapy facilities have been our biggest homes for equines and what a great match!

The pregnant mares bail and transport was raised today. It is so great to have another succesful rescue! They will be on their way to Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue. This makes 38 horses rescued so far this year.

Lloyd Cooper gave us an update on the horses he adopted, and they are all doing very well. He is thrilled with the way they are all settling in and joining up with kids that need the special help only a horsy friend can give. It is so neat seeing our rescued horses helping people in need, just like Mya, who will be on Animal Planet in April.

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