Retirement Program

Our retirement went “live” today thanks to the hard work of our office people. With 5 horses in the retirement / rehab program, we could really use your help to feed, grain, suppliment, and care for these awesome older horses. Check it out, click here!

A new rescue effort is starting over at

There are 9 horses (2 studs and 7 broodmares) that a breeder is planning on taking to slaughter march 15th! He has decided to stop breeding horses and stick with cattle. Since he only lives 1 1/2 hours from the new horse slaughterhouse, Natural Valley Farms Inc. in Canada. It will be very convenient for him to make the short trip over the border into Canada and get top dollar for his horses. We can save these horses and transfer them to other rescues that can adopt them into loving homes, but We Can’t Do This Without You!

We are still working on placement so we don’t know what the transporting will be yet. We will add the transporting funds needed as soon as we know.

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