2 More Horses Adopted!!

Black Jack was adopted today! He has found his forever home and also will be used in his adopters therapeutic riding school, Rosie’s Journey of Hope Therapeutic Riding School! He will be greatly loved and very well cared for. His adopter truly fell in love with him and it’s a perfect match.

Sheena was adopted today as well, and will be spending her life loved on and mowing grass down and just being a horse. She has been a hard girl to find a home for, since no one wants a 12 year old broodmare that has never been trained to ride, but thanks to her adopter, she has found her forever home with someone that just wants her to be his companion and to love her for the rest of her days. It’s so great when people like this have the room and the funds and can take horses like Sheena and give them a great home! We’ll be delivering Sheena to her new home tomorrow.

A few volunteers came out today. They cleaned stalls and helped out the horses and helped with miscellaneous spring cleaning around the ranch! They were a great help, thank you Jessica, Sonia, Brad and Matt.

If anyone has gotten a strange message on our answering machine in the last week or so, Justin, Jason and Tawnee’s 2 year old boy, managed to program his very first message. It got fixed as soon as we heard “Hmm, that’s a strange message, anyway…” If you hear a strange message on our phone, please let us know!

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