Today we delivered Sheena to her new home, she has a really woundfull home and will be very happy there!
After that we had to go pick up same horses. We planned on 4 but in the end we only brought back 3.
First we had planed on picking up a horse that someone had got a few days ago from somebody who was selling him and he wasn’t working out for his new owners. But they decided to give him more time in hopes that he settles in. Let’s hope that he will learn to be happy at his new home and can live there happily ever after.
Next we headed to our next stop were we pick up two old friends, Quiggley and Phoenix. They had been donated into our rescue and then adopted back in 2005. Their adopted owner was no longer able to care for them due to health reasons and she made the great choice of donating them back. She also donated “All At Once” aka Ali, a 11 year old registered arab mare along with tack and a great feeder. Quiggley and Phoenix are basicaly retired horses, but Quiggly may be good for young riders for light riding. We’ll be evaluating Ali over the next fews days and will have her up on our available page soon! We are told that Ali has 90 days professional training on her but she needs someone experienced enough to keep her going down the right path.

Just a reminder, and a special note, today was a record breaking day for Horse.com donations. We had a total of over $25 donated from Country Supply care code program today. If you enter our code, savethehorse, at checkout, they will donate a portion of your purchase to us. Many thanks to those anonymous shoppers who entered our code today, we actually do get a few hundred dollars a year from them that goes right into helping rescued equines! Next time you need horse supplies, check them out! www.Horse.com, then enter our care code, savethehorse.

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