Today was a great day! We got an e-news out to the over 1800 people on our e-news list. And people wonder why we recommend putting an adoption hold on an equine you are interested in, most of the people on the e-news list are looking for horses, so the available horses are often placed into adoption pending status within an hour of hitting the website. We had to manually put in over 250 new email addresses into our email list, if there are any IT people that know how to automate it we’d love to know. Copy / Pasting that many emails addresses is very time consuming! If you didn’t get a copy, click the picture. Back in 2004 / 2005 it would usually take about a week to get an e-news together and sent, but now thanks to practice, it takes right about 2 days. The actual sending process took 3 hours on our dial-up to send to everyone…

Over $3000 has been raised for the current rescue. Hopefully very soon they can all be moved to safety. About 2500 people have been directly contacted by us to help, along with untold thousands with forwards and other second hand information.

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