Getting Ready for School!

Tomorrow we (Jason and Tawnee) are leaving at 5:00 am to attend the Petfinder Adoption Options workshop in Reno Nevada. Eva is going to be adopted tomorrow and heading off to her new home! We will be taking Snowman, Snowdrift and Angus to Personal Pony’s LTD in Nevada where they will make special needs kids very very happy. 4 more equines finding their forever homes on a Friday, that may be the record for a Friday.

Petfinder Adoption Options workshop is sponsored by the Petco foundation and has such great topics as “Grassroots Fundraising” (which is highly needed as we much prefer shoveling poop than asking people for money) and “Tips and Tricks to Increase Adoptions” and many other great topics. We will also have the opprotunity to ask questions and share from our many experiences too. We’re very excited to have the opprotunity to get some education in our labors of love. The neat thing is, they’re going to have vegan lunch for us animal lovers too! We love our friends just too much to eat them.

We are almost half way to saving the current fundraising effort for the Slaughter bound horses. Since we are going to be gone all day tomorrow at Adoption Options, we will not be updating the feedlot website until Saturday night the 8th.

Sunday we will be closed as we will be going on an auction rescue run.

We got a great letter with pictures from a past adopter. Turbo and Tory (the first ever feedlot rescue group in 2006) are doing great and Turbo is getting so big! Turbo was only 3 days old when he was rescued. It was so great to get pictures we would like to share a couple with you.

Tory and Turbo the day they were adopted.

Today Turbo (above) and Tory (below) are doing great!

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