The Adoption Options Workshop was absolutely great! We really enjoyed it, we were the only horse rescue represented there. It was really neat seeing so many people that are involved with making a difference in the lives of companion animals everywhere. It was awesome seeing two of our horses (Mya and Red Fern) in the Petfinder PowerPoint presentation. When Mya hit the screen it brought tears to Tawnee’s eyes. Sara from Petfinder pointed us out in the audience and invited us to come share about Mya, but we chose to let her do the talking as we didn’t want to ruin the episode for anyone. Red Fern was used as an example of taking quality pictures. It was overall an awesome experience and we would recommend that anyone that is involved in animal rescue attend one when you can! We learned so much about fundraising, adoption followup, and more that we hope to implement in the near future. The truth about fundraising is, you have to ask 5 times usually before someone will donate. That is a lot of rejection, but in the end it may just work out. The truth be told, we would rather shovel poop than ask for money, but it takes money to make poop. So if we want to keep shoveling poop… got a couple extra dollars you can give to help the horses make poop?

When the workshop broke for lunch we headed out to do an adoption. Snowdrift, Snowman and Angus were adopted by Personal Pony’s LTD, a therapy program in Nevada, who drove over with their cute purple trailer to pick up the ponies. It is really nice to see so many therapeutic programs using rescued horses for their program. Eva was also adopted at a foster home near Oroville. 4 adoptions on a Friday, quite a nice record to have!

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