Just a sad note, usually we don’t write a blog for Saturday, Saturday is our only day free from office work and adoptions/visitors/volunteers, but we wanted to let you know that Christy laid down and had a really hard time getting up today. Soon we will have to make the horribly difficult choice of having her humanely euthanized before she deteriorates even farther. Her quality of life is so low, with absolutely no prognosis for recovering it. We’ve been in contact with our vet and she believes that the kindest option for Christy and Timmy is humane euthanasia. It is a sad note to write a post about, but unfortunately this is also the reality of horse rescue, no horse can live forever, but it is our constant joy to provide love and safety. Both Timmy and Christy were bound for slaughter, but instead they have been able to enjoy wandering around together and spending their days in happiness.

Tomorrow is an auction run and we will be rescuing as many horses as our funds will allow. Please pray that we will get the right horses and will not be physically assaulted by any angry people. The last time we attended this auction was when we protested them kicking us out, so who knows… They apologized on camera and assured us there will be no problems in the future, but we still have that sinking feeling. But, it’s all about the horses, and there are many horses there that need loving forever homes which we ensure, so in a few hours we’ll be leaving.

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