12 Horses Saved

Today we saved half of the horses that were ran through at Roseville Livestock Auction. This is all made possible by a generous donation by Jennifer G who is donating the majority of the funds needed to make this possible! The horses cannot thank you enough!!! The youngest horse rescued today was 6 days old, and then it goes up to late teens. We rescued a lot of TB yearlings, it’s a long story but they kept coming through the door, so we kept saving them. The auctioneers kept begging us to take more, “Come on, you’ve taken the others, take just one more!” We had 3 volunteers help us today, thanks to Joy who spent the day with us and was most helpful in evey way, and Guy and Deanna who transported the baby and her mommy up to our ranch. We would not have been able to save so many horses if Deanna and Guy didn’t donate their time and gas.
It was a really big day and it was well after dark when we got the horses home. They are all settled in, munching hay and drinking nice clean water.
Enjoy the pictures, we will get more of pictures and evaluations of the horses over the coming days, for now it’s goodnight time!

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  1. I believe Blaze was part of this pull. I am in love with him. Great job, Thank God for people like you!Trinity

  2. Thank God for people like you that save horses from slaughter. You are angels. God bless you all!

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