Blue Monday

Christy did not wake up this morning. We found her laying peacfully in her pen with Timmy laying near by, staring at his forever love wishing she would get up and come to be by him. Wishing she would tell him it was going to be ok. But alas, her head laid still, her breathing had slowed and finally came to an end. When Jason visited them with food and a bucket of treats early in the morning, Timmy was able to get his stiff, sore legs into motion and raise, hoping that the humans that had comforted and cared for them so much for the past 5 months would be able to make it all ok today too. As Jason gently patted Christy’s still head, Timmy slowly walked over hoping that somehow Jason had the power to make his life happy again. Christy was his life, his love, and without Cristy, Timmy was unwilling to face the day.

On Saturday we had made the very difficult decision to take Timmy and Christy to the vet to have them sedated and then humanely euthanized together. Christy chose the time and place she wanted to go to sleep, but she left a bewildered, sad and confused Timmy behind. We knew we had to make the choice for the best, knowing that Timmy would die of a broken heart, in addition to all his other health problems, and so we knew we had to let him pass peacfully on, it would be the kindest thing to do. As Timmy was led away from Christy for the last time, his soft whiney’s, over and over again, told the world how much he loved Christy as he said ever so softly “Goodbye my love.” It was perhaps the most heart wrenching experience for all of us. We gave him his last grooming and a bucket full of fresh carrots and apples before he took the short ride to the vet. His passing was extremely peacful and I would say he was thanking us as he took his last breath. He was sedated before he was injected and he just fell asleep so peacfully.

Timmy and Christy had come to us in October undweight, uncared for, with lamenss and arthritis, and ever since then their health has been progressively getting worse. Perhaps we should have made the hard choice in November or December, but I do believe they had a happy few months living peacfully together, and their eyes until recently had been bright and cheerful, while their bodies weakened.

Our day was mostly filled with sorrwo, tears and grief, but the baby horse (7 days old now) really brings joy to our hearts. She is such a cute little girl, and her mommy is a real sweety too. We are so happy we were able to save many beautiful horses like Magic (the baby) this week.

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