This morning we worked hard on getting the websites updated and emails replied too. We finished the emails, if you didn’ get one and you needed a reply, please write back! We added all the new horses to Petfinder, they are not yet available for adoption but you can place a hold on one if you are interested in them. They are all still being evaluated.
Annette and Kimmy came out around mid morning. They worked really hard cleaning stalls and grooming the new horses, helping them feel at home.
Tawnee worked on getting the auction tags off, which is actually quite a chore. They really use some nasty glue on there. New horses that are trying to get to know you don’t realy like having scissors taken to their rump hair either. But with enough time they all came off and Tawnee didn’t get kicked. Tawnee also tagged them with their NER #’s and names. All the yearlings look about the same so this was a must!
Sally Hugg came out for about an hour this afternoon and trimmed Dusty to make him more comfortable. Dusty seems to have some pretty severe lameness that is a lot more serious that he exhbited at the auction. A lot of times horses like this have been drugged… He may have been hurt in the trailer too, but probably not, who knows? We’ll plan on taking him to the vet to see what’s wrong with him.
Joy came out this afternoon to evaluate horses. She is the one that went to the auction and is proving to be extremely helpful and knowlegable. She’s one of our volunteer guinea pig riders for the new horses! Come to find out Jazz is broke to ride and is an absolute dream horse. She’s only 5, but she would be great for a beginner/intermediate rider. She’s very easy and laid back horse who needs to find the perfect home so she can live the life she deserves.

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