BLM Visited

Today Jason Williams, the Northern California Wild Horse and Burro Compliance Specialist working with the BLM came by to read the brand on Blaze for us. We met him the first time at the auction last Sunday. He’s a really great guy who enjoys his job and last but not least, really loves what we’re doing. He said he’s usually leery of “rescues” but was pleasantly surprised by what a great job we’re doing and all the animals seemed happy and content. Tawnee has volunteered to become a BLM volunteer and will be checking out horses at auctions to make sure there are no mustangs being sold without an inspection.

Chicklet and Magic got to run around the Round Pen today. Magic was so excited to get out and stretch her legs! She’s quite the energetic little girl who really needed a good stretching. Mommy couldn’t quite remember being so young and full of energy, but was glad for a chance to roll in the soft sand. This afternoon mommy was having the baby blues as Magic was pawing at her sides as Chicklet laid in her stall trying to sleep, wishing baby wasn’t so hungry. We got a video of it and should be getting it edited down and up on Youtube (and their Petfinder pages.) Maybe we’ll send it to Funniest Animal Video’s too.

Jazz was placed into adoption pending status this morning. Hopefully it all works out, we’re looking at paying about $14 a bale for hay this time around. Grow grass grow!

Crisco’s potential adopters came out to meet him today, and it was love at first sight for everyone! Crisco is usually leery and standoffish, but he almost fell asleep in their arms as they loved on him. His usually tense lip was hanging loosely, his whole body was relaxed and he really loves them. As soon as their adoption application is finalized he will be heading to his new home. They want him to have, as we recommend with all adopters, a vet check to make sure we didn’t miss anything and to make sure he doesn’t have any contagious diseases.

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