Birthday Party!!!

We love birthday parties, at least when it’s a kid who actually wants to have another birthday, and we’re so thankful that a really special little girl who’s turning 8 tomorrow is going to be asking people to donate money to save horses for her birthday present. She and her mom came by today to pick up some birthday cards / donation things for her party we made up. What a great idea! It’s so neat to see a young child so unselfish that she will give up getting presents just to save horses lives. She really had a lot of fun meeting the horses and watching little Magic play in the round pen. Magic enjoys getting out of her stall so much, she really puts on a show!

We mentioned the NER horse tags, and here is a picture. The tags have their NER number on it, and we write in age, adoption fee and when the equine arrived. With so many horses it really makes life easier. And they will easily break off if the horse catches it on something. In 2006 we started tagging the equines, back when we would have about 8 at a time, and then we lost interest since we could easily remember all 8 horses names and information, but now it’s necessary.

We did a lot of computer work today, and now have some new software program that we will be learning that is a database for rescues. Hopefully this will make our rescue more organized and cut back on paperwork. If we do end up using this program we will be slowly adding all of our equines that we have adopted in the past. Whew, what a job! That’s over 400 equines to add to a database, on at a time.

Baba was placed in adoption pending status today! She’s been such a sweet little girl, she’s been fostered over at Claires. Hopefully it all works out and her adopter is approved and she can go to her forever home soon!

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