9 More Saved!

The latest feedlot rescue effort has been a huge success! Thank you so much for all of your generous donations to make this a reality. We will definitly sleep better this weekend knowing that these horses are not going to be drug over the border to be slaughtered. With these horses we have saved 63 equines so far this year. What a record breaking year it’s been!

It was time for more hay today, and unfortunately the cheapest was right about $13.20 a bale. But the nice thing is, it’s at the 4 Corners Feed in Bangor. Total mileage was less than 15 miles round trip. It’s the first time we had to buy hay from a feedstore in a long time, but it was the cheapest around since the growers are all out! It’s very nice not to have to travel too far with over 12,000 lbs sitting on the trailer. This load cost $1380.97. It should last a few weeks. We could really use some donations to help out with this load, our finances are strained beyond belief!

Angel, one of the yearlings we rescued at the last auction, was adopted and went to her new home today! If we hadn’t of saved her, where would she be right now?

A huge thanks goes to Jennifer G for donating to pay for the horses at the last auction! She is directly responsible for 12 lives being saved! Wow, what a wonderful lady!

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